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Permanent high quality of large-scale production

Large-scale production is specific and demanding. For many years, we have collaborated with Japanese customers, who are among the most advanced and exacting customers in the world.

Large-scale production
The basic objective of large-scale production is ensuring permanent high quality and the elimination of repetitive defects. We have introduced a robust production system and quality control system, which is based on twelve carefully observed points like X-ray analysis, the traceability of each board, continuous control of the soldering paste temperature and the motivation of all operators on the internal and output PPM.

Low price and continuity of delivery are further objectives (besides quality) of large-scale production.

State-of-the-art Siemens placing machines

Low costs are achieved by optimal utilisation of the Siemens placing machines (X series, Siplace-Explorer on-line production control) and the commitment of all the operators to the line’s productivity.

Continuity of deliveries is determined by the material flow. We understand that mere automatic registration or online monitoring and analysis of drops of the components mean nothing without the careful commitment of all the participants.

WENDELL - Large-scale production

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Elaborated system of quality control and use of the most advanced technologies.
  • Quality and Environmental Policy. System of Quality Control
  • Seventeen particular and strictly followed points of quality management.
  • Accurate employee evaluation and motivation for constant quality improvement.