Effective EMS solutions

Special orders and services

We are comprehensive. More and more frequently, we provide further services, which allow our customers to keep pace with the development of new technologies and utilise our expertise in spheres different from mere PCB completion.

Special orders and services
  • Development and production of testers
  • Programming of circuits
  • Demanding repairs and complicated manual soldering
  • Import of PCBs and components from Asia

X-ray analysis

We offer X-ray analyses with a high resolution of 2D inspection and 3D computer tomography.

Express production

Accelerated (7 days), Express (5 days), (72 hours). We will free you from time pressure.

Selective machine painting with laser control

This patented technology replaces traditional dipping, painting, manual and aerosol spraying systems.

WENDELL - Special orders and services

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Elaborated system of quality control and use of the most advanced technologies.
  • Quality and Environmental Policy. System of Quality Control
  • Seventeen particular and strictly followed points of quality management.
  • Accurate employee evaluation and motivation for constant quality improvement.