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Reliable small-scale production achieved by our special team

Anybody can promise to create small-scale production and prototypes. Most likely, however, this will not be achieved in a manner comparable to ours, i.e. with dedication, an elaborated quality system and utilising state-of-the-art technology; in one word, reliably.

Malé série
Three pillars of the flawless small-scale production of a board, however much complicated
  • Full-fledged quality system
  • High-tech and complete technology
  • Prompt purchasing and perfect material registration

An adequate quality system reflects our customers’ expectations in quality and leads to reliable repeatability of production.

High-tech and complete technology

Our technological equipment ranks among the best in Central and Eastern Europe and this holds true not only for our large-scale production.

Reliable small-scale production achieved by our special team

We can reliably manage high quality, punctuality and efficiency of small-scale production or prototypes only thanks to the implementation of a special team.

WENDELL - Small-scale production and prototypes

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Elaborated system of quality control and use of the most advanced technologies.
  • Quality and Environmental Policy. System of Quality Control
  • Seventeen particular and strictly followed points of quality management.
  • Accurate employee evaluation and motivation for constant quality improvement.