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Control boards for Panasonic plasma TVs

The following were the customers’ main priorities: quality, punctuality and price. Panasonic required 300ppm quality. A joint Czech-Japanese SMT of engineers and quality controllers created a detailed system of quality control. We started production seven weeks after the first contact.

Large-scale production
We selected a modified SPC:
  • Complete measurement of the first board on each shift
  • Improved BAR code control of changeovers
  • Complete board measurement every four hours
  • Implementation of a full AOI test for each 200th board.

We have managed to reduce the IDR to 9,000ppm by alteration of the printing process and temperature profile. Likewise, we changed the output quality to the anticipated 290PPM.

1.5 million TVs with Wendell boards

The drop of components of all SMT components is controlled by the Explorer Sipro system, which helped us to eliminate the risk of shutdown during 24/7 operation in the season (September – November).

Thanks to KAIZEN, we have achieved lower costs and higher productivity (85 per cent). The collaboration has lasted for three years and the Panasonic company is very satisfied with our quality, punctuality and efficiency.

WENDELL - Large-scale production

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Elaborated system of quality control and use of the most advanced technologies.
  • Quality and Environmental Policy. System of Quality Control
  • Seventeen particular and strictly followed points of quality management.
  • Accurate employee evaluation and motivation for constant quality improvement.